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          Hydrostatic extrusion of titanium alloy screws is a friction-free deformation process!

          1. Hydrostatic extrusion of titanium screw is in the process of friction-free deformation; The friction between the ingot and the extrusion cylinder is the main obstacle to metal deformation. When hydrostatic extrusion is used, the high pressure liquid separates the ingot from the extrusion cylinder wall, while some high pressure liquid enters the die hole, and the extruded products are also separated from the die wall. Therefore, the friction coefficient can be lower than 0.01, thus greatly reducing the power loss and improving the surface accuracy of the product.

          2. Increase the length of broken ingot of titanium alloy screw; In the traditional extrusion method, 50% of the extrusion force is used to overcome the friction force between the ingot return and the extrusion wall. The magnitude of friction is proportional to the toughness of the ingot. Therefore, the length of embryo ingot is limited. If hydrostatic extrusion is used, it is in the friction-free extrusion process, so the length of the ingot can be increased. For example, for the same tonnage extruder, the output of hydrostatic extrusion can be more than three times higher than that of ordinary extrusion.

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