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          Talk about the application of titanium materials in various fields!

          Titanium has been widely used in many fields because of its excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and technological properties. In chemical production, titanium is used to replace stainless steel, nickel-based alloy and other rare metals as corrosion resistant materials, which is significant for improving quality, prolonging the service life of equipment, reducing consumption, reducing energy consumption, reducing costs, avoiding pollution, improving working conditions and increasing productivity. In recent years, the range of titanium materials used in chemical industry has been expanding, and the consumption has increased year by year. As a corrosion-resistant structural material used in chemical equipment, titanium has already established its position, and as a material in chemical equipment, titanium has also increasingly attracted the attention of engineering and technical personnel.

          (1) Chlor-alkali industry

          Chlor-alkali industry is an important basic raw material industry, and its production and development have a great impact on the national economy. This is because titanium has good corrosion resistance to chloride ion. At present, titanium is widely used in the chlor-alkali industry to manufacture metal anode electrolyzer, separator cooler, refined brine preheater, etc. The main components of these equipment used to be made of non-metallic materials. The mechanical properties, thermal stability and processing performance of non-metallic materials were not enough, resulting in bulky equipment, large energy consumption, short service life and environmental pollution.

          (2) Soda industry

          Soda is one of the basic chemical raw materials, which is directly related to economic development. In the production process of soda ash, the gas medium is mostly NH3 and CO2, and the liquid medium is mostly NaC1, NH4C1, NH4HCO3 and C1 - solution materials. The main equipment such as carbonization tower tubes, hot mother liquor coolers, coolers, crystallization external coolers and so on, which are made of high concentration solution materials for carbonation reaction, are not corrosion resistant, with serious corrosion leakage and service life of not more than three years.

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