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          What is the requirement of raw material supply status for titanium plate production?

          Titanium is a very active metal element, which can interact with elements. During heating, it can interact with oxygen and form oxide film on the surface. The structure and properties of oxide films are different at different heating temperatures. The mechanical properties of titanium plates are different after heating. In order to ensure the quality of materials, all manufacturers have certificates and test reports.

          Requirements on raw material supply status for titanium plate production:

          One time deformation of products - rolled into plates in metallurgical plants, with poor repeatability of properties. In order to guarantee the quality of accessories, the quality of raw materials should be guaranteed first. Titanium and titanium alloy plates received from the warehouse shall be provided with the factory certificate. In order to facilitate verification in the future, the certificate shall be kept. When necessary, the workshop can record the basic situation of each sheet metal manufacturing accessories for reference.

          Titanium plates shall be supplied in annealed state. In order to ensure the quality of accessories, the oxide layer and other pollution on the surface shall be cleaned. The surface shall be free of cracks, peeling, folding, inclusions and other defects, as well as traces of pickling. The sheet metal shall be protected from surface scratches during subsequent blanking, forming, assembly, transportation and storage.

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