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          Titanium plate

          Titanium plate(圖1)

          Product Details------------------------------------------------ -------------------------


          Titanium coil/plate specifications:

          Thickness δ0.1~δ60

          Executive standard:

          GB/T 3621-2007, ASTM B265,

          Other requirements for titanium plate:

          The board surface is flat, can be bent, and can be stamped.

          Features of titanium sheet:

          Low density (4.51KG/m3), high melting point (1660℃),

             Strong corrosion resistance, high specific strength and good plasticity.

          Titanium coil/plate size:

          The thickness is 0.5-60mm, the width is up to 2000mm,

             Maximum length 12000mm

          Production status of titanium sheet:

          Hot working state (R) Cold working state (Y) Annealing state (M)

          Surface treatment of titanium sheet:

          Pickling, sandblasting, polishing

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