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          Titanium standard parts

          Titanium standard parts(圖1)

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          Titanium standard parts specifications:

          M3-M20 various specifications,

             Various non-standard parts can also be made according to customer requirements

          Titanium standard parts are often made of grades:

          TA1, TA2, TA8, TA9, TA10, GR1, GR2, GR5

          Titanium standard parts supply standard:

          National Standard (GB), International Standard (ISO), German Standard (DIN), American Standard (ANSI/ASME),

            Japanese standard (JIS) and other standard parts and non-standard high-strength bolts; the grade can reach 8.8 and 10.9.



          Titanium standard parts application areas: titanium and titanium alloy standard parts are used in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, electronics, pharmaceuticals, marine engineering, auto parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, yacht parts, outdoor survival products, sporting goods and other fields; The company's products are sold throughout the country and exported to Taiwan, Japan, Canada, the United States, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other places.

          Titanium standard parts production equipment includes titanium rod peeling machines, titanium rod centerless grinders, titanium standard parts punching machines, titanium standard parts milling and face milling machines, and titanium standard parts production CNC machining centers.


          Titanium flange is a part made of non-ferrous metal titanium or titanium alloy that connects the pipe and the pipe to each other, and is connected to the pipe end.

          There are holes on the titanium flange, and bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The flanges are sealed with gaskets. Flanged pipe fittings refer to pipe fittings with flanges (lugs or sockets).

          It can be formed by casting, or it can be formed by threaded connection or welding. The flange connection (flange, joint) is composed of a pair of flanges, a gasket and several bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the sealing surfaces of the two flanges. After tightening the nut, the specific pressure on the gasket surface reaches a certain value and deforms and fills up the unevenness of the sealing surface to make the connection tight and leak-proof.

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